Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Where Have I Been

Hello Everyone

This post is going to be an update to where I have been for the last four months since I last wrote on my blog. Firstly I want to say a big sorry for not being around for the last four months but they have been a roller-coaster and I am afraid that my blog took the back burner.

To start with I lose my job due to illness and then had to fight the company (not going to mention the company on here) to get them to admit they were in the wrong by getting rid of me. This took a long time and after a few months I manage to get them to admit they were wrong and was given my old job back but to be then informed my old job was already taken and to work within the company again I would be place within a department that had a vacancy. So I was not a happy bunny and started looking for a new job.

Having no job meant having no money which was a problem as I booked a holiday to Cornwall with my boyfriend, cousin and her boyfriend before I lost my job but I could not cancel the holiday has we already paid for everything so I still went to Cornwall but did not do half the things we had planned to do which wasn't good. So we will be going back to enjoy it correctly.

In August was also my boyfriends and my birthday, I reached the big 25th but it wasn't the best birthday as I didn't have my boyfriend around as he was on a work training week in Hull but my friends sure did make up for it love to them all.

Then came October the best month of 2012 after a few different interviews of a range of job, I was offered a part time customer service assistant role for a local supermarket which I snap up straight away and which has now turned into a full time job due to someone leaving and pay day is Friday so Christmas shopping here I come.

Also in October there was loads of celebrations within the family in-law including a family reunion with family members from Canada, two 21st birthdays (twins) and family meal, which was brilliant especially the free bar at the 21st birthday party.

So again I am sorry but hopefully now life as been sorted I can get back to what I love and enjoy every moment.

Here is some pictures from the last few months:

See You Soon