Monday, 26 March 2012

My First Ever Beauty Box - Glossy Box & Harrod March 2012

Hello I hope you are having a wonderful day whatever you are doing.
I am going to discuss my opinion on my first ever beauty box that I have currently received. Beauty boxes have been around for a while now but have become more popular in the UK over the last six months and these have always be something I that I have been interested in.

So about a two weeks ago I decided to take the big step and finally sign up to a beauty box service and it was difficult to decide which one to go with, as today there is so many to choose between. But over the last week or so I have found out the two beauty boxes are now to join forces these being Glossy Box and Carmine with Carmine no longer trading under their name. 

In the end I decided upon Glossy Box, the main reason for this was due to the fact it was the first one I initially heard of with in the UK especially has they become very popular with the beauty industry and also the March box I received was their special edition box in which they joined forces with the well known London store Harrods.

I was thinking this will be a fanatic box as Harrods is known for its high to very high end make up, so this is what I was expecting from this box. 

This is what I received in my March Glossy Box

Left To Right: 
Bliss Body Butter, Leighton Denny Nail Polish, Varsace Perfume, ReVive Intensite Creme Lustre and Clarins Body Cream 

1) Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter
Retails for around £20 (200 ml) 

This product reminds me of the drink Tango Orange, but it does make you body feel smooth after using the product. But I wouldn't have brought this myself due to the price as I do feel £20 for the full size is a bit to much for a body butter when you can get one similar much cheaper on the high street. 

2) ReVive Intensite Creme Lustre SPF30
Retails £235 

I cannot believe this product retails of £235 when I found this out I was like OMG. I haven't try this that the moment as I don't want to fall in love with this product has I am totally not re-buying this product. 

3) Clarins - Extra Firming Body Cream 
Retails for £39.50 

I was annoyed that it was another body cream as I believe one is enough in a beauty box and don't really see why they added another one. I currently haven't try this out as I want to use this when I go away over the Easter weekend to see friends. But I have heard good stuff about this product so hopefully it will hold up to everything I have heard. 

4) Varsace - Vanitas Eau de Parfum 
Retails for £45 (30 ml) 

This was lovely to receive has it smells wonderful and it's a lovely size to have in your handbag without taking up to much room. I don't think I would purchase the full bottle for myself as I can't spending that much on myself but if anyone wants to buy this for me I will be a happy bunny and love you for ever. 

5) Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colour - Honey Trap
Retails for £11 (12 ml) 

This was my favourite product out of the five as I love nail polishes and this is just a beautiful light mushroom colour and one that I currently don't have in my nail polish collection and I will be totally wearing this over spring. 

Overall I liked the box but the 2 body creams where a disappoint as one is enough. I know that a lot of fellow Glossy Box subscribes were disappoint with their boxes due to it not having the Burberry Miniature Lipstick and I would say I was also disappointed that I didn't receive this, if I was Glossy Box I would have given the Burberry Lipstick to everyone but then change up the other four products and this may have stop the two body creams in the boxes. 

I have decided to carry on my subscription for the April box and I will then decide from then if to carry on or unsubscribe. 

This you receive the Harrods box and what did you think of the products you received? 

See You Soon


Monday, 19 March 2012

Nails Of The Day 2

I hope everyone is well and has had a brilliant weekend what ever you have done, this weekend I went shopping with my mammy and boyfriend as a Mother day treat but did end up spending a lot which is not good when I am meant to be saving.

But I will be doing a haul on here showing you all what I ended up buying, but today I want to show you the nail polish I brought this weekend and have fallen in love with. Has I mention before I enjoy painting my nails on a regular bases and I totally enjoy finding new colours and sometimes even dupes for some of the more high end nail polishes that I am not lucky enough to buy.

This is what I did this weekend and its in the form of 'Hidden Treasure' by Topshop. 

Retails for £6 
from both store and website 

I found out about this particular polish on Fleur DeForce blog Link here and as I have always been interested in duo-chrome polishes this was totally one I had to have in my nail polish collection.

The reason I love the polish is due to the duo-chrome, in one light it's a yellowy green colour and in the next it's a bluely green colour. It feels like you have two polishes on your nails not just one. 

Topshop 'Hidden Treasure' polish is a great dupe for the Chanel 'Peridot' and is only an of the faction on the price as the Chanel polish is £17.50 were Topshop sells 'Hidden Treasure' for £6 a bargain I say. 

It only takes two coats to be opaque and driers so quickly which is fantastic when in a rush. I do like Topshop nail polishes as there is a wide range of different colours that have caught my eyes and hopefully will buy in due course. 

This is the first duo-chrome nail polish I own but totally not my last as this is a great polish and as made me want to buy more. 

What do you think of duo-chrome polishes? Do you have a favourite? 

See You Soon 


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cosmopolitan And Clinique

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a brilliant Thursday and you have wonderful sun like it is down here in the South-east England. 

The reason for today's post is to share with you that this months Cosmopolitan magazine 'April 2012' with Holly Willoughby on the front as a wonderful freebie that you can enjoy. 

Retails for £3.50 

The freebies it comes with comes from the brand Clinique and you have a choice of four products which are High Impact Mascara RRP £15, Super balm Moisturizing Gloss £13.50, 7 Day Scrub Cream £17 and Moisture Surge £30.

Okay I know I am meant to be on a magazine buying ban over lent but I wasn't the one who brought this for me, my lovely mummy brought it for me while she was shopping yesterday as a treat I do love her for this. 

The free gift that my mummy got me was the Clinique Moisture Surge. 

This is a trail sizes and it normally retails for £30 which I do feel is quite a lot for a moisturiser but I do like the trail size so it may have to be on my wish list for birthday or Christmas. 

The moisture surge is fresh and light weight and can be used under or over make up or as a five minutes moisture mask. It comes out as a clear gel which is easy to rub in to the skin and feels your skin feeling soft and moist all day. I think I will use this as a traveling primer as it so small and lightweight to carry. 

Did you buy Cosmo and if so what product did you get?

See You Soon 


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nails Of The Day

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. Today I wasn't planning to do a blog post but last night I painted my nails and I loved the end result so I thought I would share that with you all. 

I don't know about you but I do love painting my nails on a regular bases I try and do in once a week unless I have a special event then it can be up to three times a week. I am not one of these girls who panics if there nail polish clips as I think there is more to panic about, but I will reapply if I have a special event to go to. 

The colours I choose mainly depend on the seasons like summer I will will wear a lot of Baby Blues and Bright Yellows, in the autumn I normally wear Greens and Teals and winter I will wear a lot of Navy's and Dark Reds. In spring which we are in now I will wear a lot of Light Purple and Light Yellows. 

I don't about wear you live but here in South-east England the weather is between winter and spring one day it is beautiful warm and the next it is freezing cold. So it was hard in decided what colour to wear.

So this is my what I finally went with 

Sorry about the background I am at the boyfriends. 

The colours I used were both from the brand Barry M and there are Berry Ice Cream and Bright Purple. I think these colours work well with all of different days we are having. 

I do love Barry M polishes they are good value for money a polish will cost you around £2.99 and there are loads of choice so you should be able find a polish you like. Barry M Nail Paints

The polishes normally take around 2-3 coats to be opaque and I would always say use a top coat to finish them of. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you soon. 


Monday, 12 March 2012

Glamour And Percy & Reed London Hair

Hello everyone hope you are all having a wonderful Monday. Today I wanted to share this with you all that in this months Glamour magazine 'April 2012" comes with a freebie that you may enjoy. 

I know I am meant to be on a magazine band for lent but I didn't buy this, my lovely boyfriend brought this for me so its still okay.

One of the front covers 
both covers as Jennifer Lawrence from 'The Hunger Games'

You may or may not already know that this months Glamour magazine comes with one of four free Percy & Reed London Hair product. You can choose from Splendidly Silky Moisturising Shampoo or Conditioner,  Totally TLC Hydrating Mask or even a Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish. 

I choose the Totally TLC Hydrating Mask out of the four, but I was thinking about buying them all and if you do want to do this it will cost you £8 for £43 worth of product as each product arrange from £10 - £12 for a 100 ml. 

I never heard of Percy & Reed London Hair before I got this magazine but that's why I like when magazines like this give you a freebie has you get to try a product from arrange of different companies. 

This Totally TLC Hydrating Mask is meant to help to restore your hair vitality and making it soft and more manageable. The smell of the product reminds me of hand cream so if you are not a fan of hand creams this may not be a product for you. 

You place the mask all over the hair working though the roots to ends till the hair is covered then you will need to wrap your hair in a towel and leave for 10 minutes then raise thoroughly. Its states on the back of the bottle that by treating the hair at a higher temperature to helps to open the cuticle allowing nutrients to penetrate the hair more deeply. 

I will keep you informed how I find this product and if it does anything to my hair. 

See You Soon 


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Up And Coming Posts

Today I am at my boyfriends house so unable to blog like I normally would as everything I would photograph is back at my house, what a donut I am. But with the weather being so wonderful here I still wanted to blog so what better way of doing so then to tell you all what blog post you have to look forward to thought the rest of March.

1) My First Ever Beauty Box Review 
Yesterday I finally subscribed to the famous Glossy box service, this will be my first ever beauty box I would have received and I can't wait to see what I get, its like Christmas all over again which is a weird concept given the beautiful weather we are having down in the South-east of England. 

2) Charity Shop Haul 
Lately I had lack of funds due to one reason of another but me being me this doesn't stop me shopping. I love charity shops for many reasons such as you find pieces that may not have thought about and I can truly say this has been the case with me lately and also the things you do find and like will not cost the earth.

3) Haul  
I know you all are most likely saying at I am already doing one haul as well but I believe that the things I have found in the charity shops are worthy of there only haul. I also know you are saying that I don't have the funds to go shopping but like I said that doesn't stop me okay some of this stuff was brought for me by ever my boyfriend or my mummy. 

4) Monthly Tip 
Well this will be at the beginning of April but I will most likely write it at the end of March to go up on the first day of April. I have a few tips waiting to have there moment on here but if you have a tip that you believe everyone should know please tell me. 

5) Magazine Freebie's 
Even know I am on a magazine buying band over lent this does not stop others buying magazines for me. This month there is several that I enjoy reading that has a freebie included why do this to me over lent, I know they want me to crack and buy them but I am staying strong so far only under a month left so we will see. 

"What I Maybe Do On Here"

1) My Dream Wish List
This will be a list that if money was no problem what I would love to have and will show fashion, beauty, life and all. 

2) Monthly Wish List
These would be the things I have fell in love with over the monthly some will be things I can afford and most likely go and buy but some maybe cost the earth and there is no way to buy it. But a girl can dream not. 

3) My Favourite ......
Will included Nail Polish, Lipstick, Eye Shadow etc. Some of these will be old favourites and some will be new favourites.  

A picture of me and my boyfriend 
December 2011 

Hope you are all having a wonderful day what even you are doing.

See You Soon 


Saturday, 10 March 2012

February Favourites 2012

First I would like to say sorry this as taken me so long as I have planned to do monthly favourites during the first week of the month. But if you live in the South East of England like me you will know the weather has been horrible this week, raining most of the time which is always a downer but also means that you cannot use natural light to take photos :(.

I still can't believe we are in March let allow nearly half way thought the month. This year so far seems to be going so fast which is unbelievable. Anyway back to February Favourties in this months favourites I have two make up products and three bath and hair products. 

February Favourites
Left to Right 
Top: - Soap And Glory - Calm On Calm All Bubble Bath, Soap And Glory - Clean On Me  and Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation
Bottom: - MUA Eyeliners and Tangle Teezer Brush. 

Soap And Glory - Calm On Calm All
Bubble Bath
(On The Right) 
Retails from £5.50 at Boots stores

I got this product in the big Soap And Glory Case that was available over the Christmas period and I love the fact I got this as I am not sure if I would had brought this but now I would totally buy this again  as I enjoyed this in my baths. 
This product smells lovely and makes loads of bubbles with the smallest amount which is always good if you are watching the pennies. I have had this since Christmas but I have only finish the bottle yesterday.
 The product has the added bonus of having body lotion included in the product. So while you are relaxing in the bath your body is getting smooth. 

Soap And Glory - Clean On Me
Shower Gel
(On The Left)
Retails from £5.50 for 500 ml and £2.50 for 75 ml at Boots stores 

This product also came in the big Soap And Glory Case as well which I loved as I always wanted to try this product and I am glad that I finally did as this as totally became my favourite shower gel. It comes in a clear bottle with a pump lid which makes showering so much easier. I would suggest using this with a sponge has this will help the product to lather up. You need about 3 to 4 pumps of the product to get a good lather, this may seem a lot but I promise you that's not the case and the product will last for a long time. 
I have used this every day when showering since Christmas and I have still about a quarter left in the bottle so the bottle does last a long time. 
The shower gel has the same added bonus has the bubble bath which is good if you don't have the time to moisture your body. 

Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation

Retails from around £8-9 from most cosmetics counters
30 ml product 

I tried this product initially because it was on a special offer of £5 in my local Morrison and I am so glad I did as I really like this foundation. 
Has the name suggest this foundation is meant to reawaken the skin so you healthy glow and I feel that this product has done this with my skin. It's so light on my skin I forget that I have any foundation on even know it gives me a medium coverage and I love the fact this foundation stays on most of the day. 
This foundation comes with the added bonus of SPF 15 and this is the first foundation I have tried with SPF in the foundation but totally will not be the last has I like knowing that I have something on my face help against the sun all the time. 
The only down sides I have found with this product is the colour I decided upon in store which is 103 True Ivory as I feel it doesn't truly match me in this dull winter weather that we been having lately, so I am thinking about going a shade lighter and keeping this one for the summer and the fact that the foundation only comes in six shades and these are all light shades as well. Shades Available
But I do enjoy the foundation over all. 

MUA Eyeliners 

Retails for £1 at Superdrugs 

These liners come in arrange of different colour's. I only own three at the moment but at £1 a time I will most likely be getting more. The colours I have are black (Jet Black), White (Snow White) and Brown (Rich Brown). I used to wear eyeliner when I use younger and then totally stop wearing it for some unknown reason but in the last few months I want to get back into wearing eyeliner and what a better way then buying some eyeliners that will not break the bank if you don't like them. 
I got the white eyeliner to put in the corner of my eye to open my eyes out but I would say go light handed when doing this so it's difficult to tell that you have done it. 
I brought the brown eyeliner mainly to go on my waterline as black will make my eyes look even smaller then they already are but I also use this eyeliner to make a brown smokey eye. The black was brought to do a smokey eye with, but out of the two colours I use to make a smokey eye I go more towards the brown then the black just because it doesn't make my eye look so small. 
You do have to reapply these during the day especially on the waterline and in the corner of the eye as these are not waterproof and do come of during the day but you can't moan when the product only cost you a £1. If you haven't try eyeliners before I would say go and try MUA's. 


Tangle Teezer 

Retails for £10.99 in Boots
But you can get it cheaper online Cheapest I Found Online

This is the best brush I have found so far to get out tangles and knots in hair of all kinds. Its small that it fits into the palm of your hand which helps you get the tangles and knots out easier. This comes in several colours like green and pink. 
The bristles come in arrange of different lengths which helps the brush to comb thought the hair with easy. 
I normally use this mainly with detangle conditioner after I have had a shower but it also good for every day use especially with this lovely windy weather we been having with late. 

See you next month with March favourites.


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Top Five Inspirational Females (Famous)

Today I was going to do my February favourites but the weather has other ideas has its totally pouring down here, which means I can't show the items that have reached my monthly favourites in the right light. 

But has I am in the blogging mood I have decided to do a post showing my top five famous females who are inspiration to me in one way or another. This may be because the journey they have been on or their fashion style. 

All pictures on this post have been found on google.

1) Kate Middleton - HRH The Duchess of Cambridge 

The reason I find the duchess an inspiration is because she the typically girl next door who has found her prince charming and I believe that is what every girl wants in her life. I also love her fashion style it's a down to earth a style that everyone can follow with easy. 

2) Katie Piper - Presenter 

I love this women, she is an inspiration not just to me but to everyone. She been on a journey that most of us would have give up on but she hasn't which is lovely to see and also she is not bitter towards anyone has a result.  
I been reading her autobiography lately and I would suggest to everyone to read this, its brilliant and shows how some peoples life can be difficult and how people over come these problems. 

3) Jessica Alba - Actress 

Jessica an inspiration to me is because she is a natural beauty and she doesn't have to try hard to be beautiful and she seems like you're typically girl next door as well. I love her style as well as it's a causal but fashionable style.
 But Jessica as had to fight her own battles as well like illnesses when she was a young child but these doesn't seem to bother her which is always good to see. 

4) Kimberley Walsh - Singer 

Kimberley is a part of the girl band Girls Aloud and she is my favourite member of the band as I feel she is the member that most people will look up to, has she is a female whose in the public eye  who loves her body.
It's lovely to see this especially has in today environment most people have hang ups about their bodies so I think she is an inspiration to woman. 

AND FINALLY ..........

5) Gok Wan - Presenter/Fashion Stylist 

Okay before you all say Gok is not a female, I know but I have added him because 'Auntie Gok' has he likes to be known has done loads for us who don't like our bodies. 
He has shown us to love our body no matter what as we are wonderful and he has done this is by showing us what clothes to wear to suit our body shape.
But Gok as had his own battles has well with his body and sexuality and his autobiography, that's amazing and tells you about his battles and how he had cope with these battles.

Who are you inspirational females? 

See you soon


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Monthly Tip - Number 1 March 2012

On this blog I hope to do a regular tip or a top five post every month, I am hoping by doing these they will hopefully help you with any beauty/fashion problem you may have. 

This month is a tip and it's regarding applying your nail polishes neatly. I will state before I completely forget that I did find this tip in More Magazine but I thought it was a tip worth sharing with you all. 

Do you have trouble applying nail polish especially to the hand you write with? If you have answered no then you are good but if you are like me and answer is yes then keep reading.

To help with this issue apply Vaseline around the edges of the nail with a cotton bud and then apply the nail polish like you would normally. The smudges you make will just wipe of as the Vaseline you have applied around the edge of the nail will stop the nail polish drying on the skin, so see goodbye to dodgy looking nails and help to gorgeous painted nails.

The End Result 

I hope this helps you all has much as it has me. 

See You Soon