Friday, 27 April 2012

Eco- friendly Glossy Box - April 2012

Hello everyone, so its that time again when Glossy Box bring out there monthly beauty box and this months beauty box is a Natural Beauty Box. 

This is a brilliant idea for a beauty box as everyone now wants natural, ethical products that are kind to the skin but also the environment. The box itself is 100% biodegradable which is a brilliant if you are not like me and don't reuse the boxes. 

So what did I get this month? 

Left to right: Inika Certified Organic Eyeliner (Full Price £11.75), Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum (Full Price £29), Figs & Rouge Lip Balm (Full Price £3.29), Ayuuri Natural Body Wash - Sandalwood (Full Price £4.95) and Kai Perfume Oil (Full Price £41) . 

I am loving this months box as the products I have received are totally products that I will use. My favourite product in the box as to between Inika Certified Organic Eyeliner which is in colour 06 Coco, a colour I love to use to create a smokey eye affect and Fig & Rouge Lip Balm but it also says you can use on lips, face and body which is always good. My least favourite product as to be Kai Perfume Oil mainly because it is so small and I can see me losing it, in my bag or room. 

 What did you receive in your Glossy Box? and Do you like beauty boxes? 

Next month is Glossy Box 1st Birthday so lets see what treats we will receive to celebrate the birthday. 

See You Soon


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Going Away Makeup

Hello everyone, hope you are all well and had a brilliant Easter. Firstly I need to say sorry for not being around for the last two weeks but with Easter and everything I got very busy indeed. 

But I am back now and what better way to start then to show you what makeup I took with me when I went away up North to see my boyfriends Dad and family during the Easter weekend. 


1) Bourjois Delice de Poudre 

2) Sleek Rose Gold Blush 

3) Clinique Moisture Surge

4) Soap and Glory - Thick and Fast Mascara 
(Trying to use it up as I don't really like it)

5) Collection 2000 - Lasting Perfection Oil Free Foundation 

6) Garnier - Roll On 

7) Avon Magix Illuminator 

8) Collection 2000 - Lasting Perfection Concealer

9) Mac Paint Pot - Painterly

10) MUA Eyeshadow Palette - Heaven and Earth 

11) Tweeters 

12) MUA Eye Liner - Rich Brown and Snow White 

13) Carmex - Cherry 

14) Arrange of brushes from eyes to blush brushes.

Has you can see I normally travel light with my makeup when I go away, using travel size/freebies products as moisturiser or primer and taking a eyeshadow palette instead of loads of different single eye shadows.  

Do you travel light with your makeup when you travel or do you pack loads?

See You Soon 


Monday, 16 April 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

This is my first ever blogger award and I am over the moon to be nominated and want to say a big thank you to Kathryn from provincialbudgetbeauty for nominating me. 

So what is Versatile Blogger Award I may hear you ask. The rules are simple first you thank the person who has nominated you for the award. Then nominate 15 other blogs that you enjoy reading and finally tell the person who has nominated you 7 random facts about yourself. 

7 Random Facts

  1. I am Ambidextrous - which means I can use both hands to do arrange of different tasks
  2. My favourite soft drink is Dandelion and Burdock
  3. I have a weird obsession with Nail Polishes
  4. I known my boyfriend for 4 years but only been dating him for 7 months
  5. I love traveling 
  6. I have a 2.1 BA Hons degree in Television Studio Production 
  7. I treat my friends like my family 
15 Bloggers I Nominate 

  1. Rachel from Sweet Rachel
  2. Corrie from Dizzybrunette3
  3. Emily from Emily Grace
  4. Steph from Teatoastparis
  5. Claire from Pinkchickclaire
  6. Laura from Lollycoral
  7. Maisey from Makeupandmemaisey
  8. Laura from Secretdiaryofafashionjournalist
  9. Alice from Brighttowngirl
  10. Nadine from Redlippy-ticklesmyfancy
  11. Georgia from Pinkfreeze-133
  12. Amy from Amygrogan92
  13. Victoria from Victorias Vintage
  14. Zoe from Zoella
  15. Dee from Pearlslaceandruffles
Thank you again to everyone who reads my blog I love each and everyone of you. 

See You Soon 


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Monthy Tip - Number 2 April 2012

Hello everyone I hope you are all well, so its time for the tip of the month and this time its to do with the legs. 

Do you suffer from shaver rash? Do you hate buying shaving cream? if you have answer yes to either one of these please read on. 

I normally suffer with shaver rush quiet badly due to a number of reasons and I hate buying shaving creams has they don't normally help me but I have found one thing that helps a lot and that is conditioner. 

I heard you ask CONDITIONER. But yes it does work and it leaves you legs feeling really smooth. Plus it helps you to use your conditioner more faster then normally, which helps if you are like me and likes to use the same shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair. 

All you have to do is wet your legs like normal and instead of adding shaving creams just add conditioner and then shave like you normally would with being careful with ankles and knees has they are easy to nick with the razor. 

This is the conditioner I am using that the moment and the bonus is its only £1 in most stores. 

Alberto Balsam - Juicy Green Apple 
For Normal/Greasy Hair 

You can also use this under the arms as well.

I hope you like this tip and please tell me if you have try this and how you found it. 

See You Soon