Thursday, 21 June 2012

Recent Charity Shop Haul

Good Afternoon

I have recently being loving charity shopping more then actually shopping but I do agree with athriftymrs that lately charity shops have increased there prices and now you are some times better of buying the product from the store for a few extra pounds to get it brand new, especially with things from stores such as Primark and George at Asda who are cheap already. 

But I have still managed to find some things that made me apart with my cash the little I have so here is what I brought.

Was £3

This top looks better on then off, it was original from Next and is brilliant with the weather we are having here in the UK as its light and is easy to layer things with. I was first draw to the top due to the flower print as I love any thing with a floral prints and I am glad I brought this as it goes brilliant with jeggings. 

Was £4.25

Another floral print item but this time in the form of a dress. This is also brilliant for this weather as it is light weight and easy to layer. The dress was also original from Next it was a day to find good things in charity shops from Next.

Was £3.99

Me and wedges have a bit of a love/hate relationship I love them but most wedges hate me especially my toes. So due to this I don't spend to much money on wedges as I know after a while they will start hurting my little toes and in turn normally means I will stop wearing them or give them to family and friends. I love these wedges which are original from Accessorize and so far so good they have not hurt my toes. 

Was £4.99

I love these shoes and so glad I found these. They are orginial from Marks and Spencers and the reason I love them so much is the fact they fit me like a glove which never happens with me and shoes they are ever to big or just a little small. 

Couple of thing I would suggest when buying shoes from charity shoes is one try them on has you have  to remember some one else as worn them first and also I would suggest checking the shoes over and see if there is any repairs needed and if so how much will it cost you. 

Have you been shopping in a charity shop lately?
What do you think about charity shops increasing their prices?

See You Soon



  1. Love everything you bought!! I think charity stores are the same as the Goodwill store we have here in Canada? I love those wedges!

    1. Thank You Kathryn, if Goodwin stores are a store at sells 2nd hand clothing which helps an charity then yes they will have similar to one another xxx