Tuesday, 30 April 2013

50 Facts About Me

Hello Everyone

I am so sorry I been away for a while but I am back with a few posts up my sleeve which I hope you all enjoy. The first post I wanted to do was a tag I have seen round youtube called the 50 random facts about me, I haven't done many posts about me so I thought I would do this one.

So here goes, hope you like.

1. I was born August 22nd

2. I was born on a Saturday

3. I am half Irish/half English and proud

4. I am the only child, which can mean I get very lonely some times but also means I can find my only entertainment.

5. I am ambidextrous which means I can use both right and left hand to do many tasks such as throwing a ball or writing.

6. I suffer with very bad dyslexia but only found out when I went to university after I decided to go for the test as my spelling is rubbish. 

7. I went to Southampton Solent University for three years to study Television Studio Production and ended up gaining a 2.1 so proud of myself. 

8. I can't swim but hopefully I will be able to do it soon. 

9. I am learning to drive and hoping to pass before my birthday this year (so fingers crossed)

10. My dream is to travel the world in a VW Camper van. 

11. My favourite colour is blue any type of blue 

12. I have a fear of eyes mainly things going into them.

13. I am an apple MAC girl over PC even know I have a Samsung phone not Iphone but I am not at fussed by it but my next phone most likely will be an Iphone. 

14. Went aboard for the first time when I was 21, I went to New York with my university. I will totally visit New York again.

15. I can lip read this is due to my mum being deaf in one ear and seeing her lip reading since I was young so I think I picked it up naturally.

16. I dislike mushrooms and liver mainly.

17. I am normally in skirt or dresses more then trousers even if it is winter or it's snowing. 

18. I had only broken one bone and that is in my little finger on my right hand. Which now means my little finger is not straight.
19. My nature hair colour is between strawberry blonde/dirty blonde it depended on if the sun had got to my hair. 
20. If I was to be born a boy my name would be James.
21. I would love to learn how to surf but can't due to not being able to swim :( 
22. My friends are my family 

23. I have been with my boyfriend Daniel for just over 19 months but know him for around 4/5 years. 

24. I first meet my boyfriend while working together in a hotel I was a receptionist and he was a porter. 

25. I love painting my nails and normally do it at least three times a week, but dislike the fact they take forever to dry.

26. I dislike cream cannot stand the taste.
27. I will most likely be found wearing odd socks.

28. I am caffeine sensitivity which means I can't really drink coffee, tea and red bull.

29. My favourite flower is a Sunflower I just love them as they remind me of the summer.

30. I am allergic to Lilies if I am in a room with them I will start suffering a very bad 
headache and then will find it hard to concentrate

31. I suffer with depression, anxiety and panic attacks but I have decided that I am not going to let it beat me and stop me doing the things I enjoying doing. 

32. I have size 4 feet which I love as it means I can buy shoes from the children's range.  

33. I meet Dame Kelly Holmes last year at the olympic torch relay festival and got my ticket signed and a photo with her.

34. I bruised very easily 

35. I am very accident prone and will always walk into things.

36. I always have cold hands and feet 

37. I love taking photos and I am always seen with a camera 

38. My first job was in a chinese restaurant but I dislike it.

39. I can never finish a meal as I normally get bored of eating. 

40. I always order a child's meal at a fast food restaurant 

41. I have a cat called Mizzi-ann 

42. I live in the South East of England

43. I love being around people

44. I am currently living with my parents but me and Daniel hope to move out this year. 

45. I only put on makeup if I am going somewhere.

46. I am into all sorts of music from Funeral For A Friend to Taylor Swift 

47. I love Disney I have nearly every Disney classic film, my favorite film is Aladdin 

48. My favorite Ice Cream is Mint Chocolate Chip and has been since I was 4 and my next door neighbour give my a big bowl of the stuff because I was upset about missing the ice cream man. 

49.  I love watching Home and Away 

50. My favourite food is Italian 

A Very Young Me 

Mizzi - My little cat 

My Birthday Last Year 

Daniel and I 

I hope you enjoy this guys 

See you soon 


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