Friday, 3 February 2012

January Favourites 2012

This is my first monthly favourites and what a better way to start then with the first month of the new year. Still can't believe its February already, January seemed to go so fast this year even know normally January seems to go slow due to just having Christmas and not having the money to do anything.

So lets begin I have seven products to show you arranging from skin care to hair and nails.

Left To Right: 
Top - Witch - Foaming Face Wash, Clean and Clear - Dual Action Moisturiser, Schwarzkopf got 2b - Glued Hairspray, Soap And Glory - Hand Food, Palmer's - Cocoa Butter Formula.
Bottom - Diesel Perfume - Loverdose and Barry M. Nail Paint - 292 Navy. 

Witch - Foaming Face Wash 

Retails from £3.20 to around £4.05
from most store's

This particular product is a foaming face wash cleanser that controls the oils within the skin. My skin is very oily especially in the T-Zone area and I found this product is helping me loads since I first started to use this and it does what it says on the bottle. 
It does work on all skin types but especially on oily to combination skin like mine. But it does say use with caution on sensitive skin. 
A little goes a long way you only need to use a small amount as it will foam more as you use it. 

Clean & Clear - Dual Action Moisturiser 

Retails from around £1.99 — £3.55 
from most store's 

This product is from the Clean & Clear range and is oil free moisturiser and helps in preventing spots and blemishes. This moisturiser helps my skin has most moisturisers I have try makes my skin even more oily than it is but with this being oil free this is not the case, it helps to moisturises my skin and it stays like that most of the day which I like. 
This product works on all skin types and is fragrance free, like the cleanser a little goes a long way. 

Schwarzkopf got 2b Glued - Blasting Freeze Spray 

Retails from £4.00 to £4.10 
from most store's 

My mummy got me into this, the product is from Schwarzkopf, which most people know for hair dye. This is one of their hair sprays and has the bottles name suggest it holds the hair style like glue but before you panic it does not feel like glue in your hair actually it feels like you have don't really have hair spray in and it brushes out easy. 
I find that I don't need to use to much like I would other hairsprays to get the same look which is always a bonus on the purse strings. 

Soap And Glory - Hand Food 

Retails at £4.85 for 125 ml (what the picture is) and £2.35 for a travel size of 50 ml 
from Boots

I love this product from Soap and Glory and I carry a travel sizes bottle with me everywhere. This is a non-greasy hand cream that as Shea Butter, Macadamia oil and Marshmallow (weird I know). This smells lovely and I don't think I will find another hand cream that I am in love with has much for a long time. 
This especially helps with the weather we are having that the moment (its very cold indeed, today it is -2 where I am) has helps to smooth and soften dry, chapped hands. But don't use this on irritated or damaged skin. 

Palmer's - Cocoa Butter Formula 

Retails from £2.95 to £3.80 
from most store's 

This is a body cream and its just brilliant I first fell in love with this product about two years ago has I had marks on my skin that I wanted to somehow blend in with the rest of my skin. My friend suggested this product but that first I was not sure but in the end I went ahead with it and I am glad I did.
I fell back in love with this body cream this month especially as with my body being very dry due to the time of year. 
The product does nearly everything it softens, smoothes and relieves dry skin plus it helps with blending marks, scares and stretch marks and also can be used has an after tanning butter. So you don't need to buy loads of different body creams. 

Diesel - Loverdose

Retails from £28.99 - £40.00
at most perfume store's 

My parents brought this perfume for me has a Christmas present and I do have to say thank you to them has this is a lovely perfume. I have worn this all month and I will most likely be wearing it all February has well as I love it loads. 
It a perfume that I feel that can be worn all seasons as it is not overly powering. The bottle is shaped as a heart which is lovely. 

And finally:

Barry M. Nail Paint - Navy 292

Retails from £2.99
From Boots and Superdrugs

Barry M. Nail Prints come in arrange of different colours and I love them all. I have loads of these nail paints and they are just brilliant this month I have been wearing mostly this navy colour has I wear more dark colours then brights in the winter. 
It takes one to two coats to get the glossy look and it doesn't chip so easy like others especially it you use a top coat. 

My nails took two coats to get them looking like this. 

Hope you liked this monthly favourites and I will be back with February Favourites in March. 

See You Soon 


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