Tuesday, 14 February 2012

MUA Love Heart Range - Review

MUA cosmetics have teamed up with Swizzle Love Hearts to create arrange of nail polishes and lip balms. The range is available in Superdrug stores and on MUA website for the small price of £2 per item. 

I only found out about MUA cosmetics and their products about a year ago but I must say for the price and choice of products they have, they are a well rounded cosmetic brand, I especially like their Heaven to Earth Eye Palette but I think most beauty blogers do as well has it is a good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette for the faction of the price.

The Love Heart Range consits of six nail polishes all in colours that are easy to wear in spring and summer and five lip balms. 

I brought two of the nail polishes and a lip balm from the range but I am thinking about buying more of the range as the ones I got so far have made me want more. 

Nail Polishes 

U Rok and U R Fab
Retails for £2 

U Rok is a lovely pastel purple colour that will look beautiful during spring/summer and U R Fab is sort of raspberry colour which will look fanatics in spring/summer but also looks brilliant in winter also. Both of these nail polishes are easy to apply and will take about one to two coats to be fully opaque. 

Wearing U R Fab 

Lip Balms

Sweet Kiss
Retails for £2 

I don't normally use lip balms as I am more a Vaseline type of girl but I have been pleasantly surprise using this lip balm. It is a beautiful baby pink colour and when apply looks so natural to my lip colour which I love. Some of the other lip balms in this range are a lovely red colour and seen that they are a little bit tinted and I think this is a brilliant way to introduce some red to the lip especially if the person is a red lip virgin and quite scared in getting it wrong, just like I am, so will most likely go back to Superdrugs and buy one. 

Overall I am enjoying this range and it is excellent value for money and has mention before most likely will be buying more from the range and I have enjoyed the section I have so far. 

See You Soon 


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