Wednesday, 22 February 2012

25 Things To Do Before I Turn 25

This is a different post then I normally do, but I got six lovely months from today till I reach 25 (OMG I am getting old) but what better way for me to come to terms with getting old then write down all the things I would like to do before I am 25.

25 Things To Do Before I am 25

1. Get one person to subscribe to my blog Thank you to Nadine
(Her Blog Check it Out -

2. Take more photos

3. Give blood

4. Write letters to friends who no longer live near me

5. Try five new foods 1/5 Raspberries

6. Read a book a month 

7. Print of the photos from my memory cards and place them into albums

8. Try some home beauty treatments (I will share with you how they go)

9. Save up to move out with boyfriend

10.Watch 10 films I haven't watch before 2/10 Iron Man, The Fast And The Furious - Tokyo Drift 

11. Go to at least three different places around the UK 1/3 London 

12. Lose 12lbs

13. Place £5 or more a week into my saving account Started 25/02/12

14. Use up at least seven beauty products I already own 2/7 Soap And Glory Calm On Calm All, Soap And Glory Glad Hair Day

15. Get more creative (Nail art, Cupcakes, Blogging etc) Shortbread 

16. Go on holiday with my boyfriend

17. Go to the zoo 

18. Make a birthday cake for my mummy's 50th Birthday 

19. Get a new job 

20. Take my theory driving test

21. Buy a video camera and then maybe start on youtube

22. Have date night once a month with my boyfriend (Cinema, Dinner out etc) 24/02/12

23. Go and see my best friends who don't live near me

24. Once a month at least do something with friends (Film Nights, Dinner, Cinema etc) 08/03/12

25. Reach 25 

All to be done by 22nd August 2012 

My Friend and Me celebrating our birthday's last year

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