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My First Ever Beauty Box - Glossy Box & Harrod March 2012

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I am going to discuss my opinion on my first ever beauty box that I have currently received. Beauty boxes have been around for a while now but have become more popular in the UK over the last six months and these have always be something I that I have been interested in.

So about a two weeks ago I decided to take the big step and finally sign up to a beauty box service and it was difficult to decide which one to go with, as today there is so many to choose between. But over the last week or so I have found out the two beauty boxes are now to join forces these being Glossy Box and Carmine with Carmine no longer trading under their name. 

In the end I decided upon Glossy Box, the main reason for this was due to the fact it was the first one I initially heard of with in the UK especially has they become very popular with the beauty industry and also the March box I received was their special edition box in which they joined forces with the well known London store Harrods.

I was thinking this will be a fanatic box as Harrods is known for its high to very high end make up, so this is what I was expecting from this box. 

This is what I received in my March Glossy Box

Left To Right: 
Bliss Body Butter, Leighton Denny Nail Polish, Varsace Perfume, ReVive Intensite Creme Lustre and Clarins Body Cream 

1) Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter
Retails for around £20 (200 ml) 

This product reminds me of the drink Tango Orange, but it does make you body feel smooth after using the product. But I wouldn't have brought this myself due to the price as I do feel £20 for the full size is a bit to much for a body butter when you can get one similar much cheaper on the high street. 

2) ReVive Intensite Creme Lustre SPF30
Retails £235 

I cannot believe this product retails of £235 when I found this out I was like OMG. I haven't try this that the moment as I don't want to fall in love with this product has I am totally not re-buying this product. 

3) Clarins - Extra Firming Body Cream 
Retails for £39.50 

I was annoyed that it was another body cream as I believe one is enough in a beauty box and don't really see why they added another one. I currently haven't try this out as I want to use this when I go away over the Easter weekend to see friends. But I have heard good stuff about this product so hopefully it will hold up to everything I have heard. 

4) Varsace - Vanitas Eau de Parfum 
Retails for £45 (30 ml) 

This was lovely to receive has it smells wonderful and it's a lovely size to have in your handbag without taking up to much room. I don't think I would purchase the full bottle for myself as I can't spending that much on myself but if anyone wants to buy this for me I will be a happy bunny and love you for ever. 

5) Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colour - Honey Trap
Retails for £11 (12 ml) 

This was my favourite product out of the five as I love nail polishes and this is just a beautiful light mushroom colour and one that I currently don't have in my nail polish collection and I will be totally wearing this over spring. 

Overall I liked the box but the 2 body creams where a disappoint as one is enough. I know that a lot of fellow Glossy Box subscribes were disappoint with their boxes due to it not having the Burberry Miniature Lipstick and I would say I was also disappointed that I didn't receive this, if I was Glossy Box I would have given the Burberry Lipstick to everyone but then change up the other four products and this may have stop the two body creams in the boxes. 

I have decided to carry on my subscription for the April box and I will then decide from then if to carry on or unsubscribe. 

This you receive the Harrods box and what did you think of the products you received? 

See You Soon


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