Monday, 19 March 2012

Nails Of The Day 2

I hope everyone is well and has had a brilliant weekend what ever you have done, this weekend I went shopping with my mammy and boyfriend as a Mother day treat but did end up spending a lot which is not good when I am meant to be saving.

But I will be doing a haul on here showing you all what I ended up buying, but today I want to show you the nail polish I brought this weekend and have fallen in love with. Has I mention before I enjoy painting my nails on a regular bases and I totally enjoy finding new colours and sometimes even dupes for some of the more high end nail polishes that I am not lucky enough to buy.

This is what I did this weekend and its in the form of 'Hidden Treasure' by Topshop. 

Retails for £6 
from both store and website 

I found out about this particular polish on Fleur DeForce blog Link here and as I have always been interested in duo-chrome polishes this was totally one I had to have in my nail polish collection.

The reason I love the polish is due to the duo-chrome, in one light it's a yellowy green colour and in the next it's a bluely green colour. It feels like you have two polishes on your nails not just one. 

Topshop 'Hidden Treasure' polish is a great dupe for the Chanel 'Peridot' and is only an of the faction on the price as the Chanel polish is £17.50 were Topshop sells 'Hidden Treasure' for £6 a bargain I say. 

It only takes two coats to be opaque and driers so quickly which is fantastic when in a rush. I do like Topshop nail polishes as there is a wide range of different colours that have caught my eyes and hopefully will buy in due course. 

This is the first duo-chrome nail polish I own but totally not my last as this is a great polish and as made me want to buy more. 

What do you think of duo-chrome polishes? Do you have a favourite? 

See You Soon 



  1. I have been trying to get my hands on this nail polish since I also saw it on Fleur De Forces blog with no such luck. Last time I went into my local Top Shop in Southampton they hadn't even heard of it - may have to end up ordering it online :)

  2. Hello, I hope you get your hands on it soon as it is a brilliant polish. I never brought make up online so you will have to tell me how it goes. I use to live in Southampton it's a brilliant city and I love shopping there, I do wish I was back there.
    Jem x