Monday, 21 May 2012

Charity Haul

Afternoon sweeties

Today's post is about what I have found in my local charity shops over the month so far. I love shopping in charity shops as you find items that you may not otherwise find. I will apologise about this post being picture heavy. 

I will do non clothes first. 

This picture frame cost me 49p, I brought it because it is blue with sunflowers on top my favourite colour and flower roll into one. I plan to take some pictures over the summer and place some in here as the frame reminds me of the summer. 

These coasters cost me £1.29 the reason I brought these is because I love camper vans and I think these will look great once me and the boyfriend have our own house. I have already started to buy things for the house to save us money when we do move. 

I brought this case for my nail wheels, nail files, top and base coats and anything for nails that is small. The case cost me £1.09 which I think is a bargain and will be prefect for my nail items. 

Now for the clothes I have found. 

This dress cost me £1.50 and it is a wonderful dress for the changing seasons the only downside is you need to wear a slip under the dress as it is see thought. I think this will look brilliant with a little brown belt and brown sandals in the spring and summer and little brown boots during autumn and winter. 

I first need to apologise that's the cardigan is very creased this was in my bag over the weekend as it was very mix weather in the South East England. This cost me £1.99 and was brand new with the tags still in. I love that it light weight so brilliant when its a little chilly. 

The no sleeve jumper was original from Topshop and cost me around £2 and will be brilliant during the changeable weather as this is good item to use to layer up. 

This T.shirt is from the men's area of the charity shop but was place by mistake but I would totally say look in the men section as you can find great t.shirts and jumpers, I plan to wear this with a little black skirt and this cost me £2. 

This skirt is original from Laura Ashley so totally something I would not be able to afford normally but in the charity shop it was only £1.99 bargain. I plan to wear this both as a maxi skirt with a little white t.shirt but also as a dress with a little brown belt around the waist. I love clothes that I can wear more then one way. 

I brought this cardigan was around £2.50 and its cream and grey strip and goes prefect with a little t.shirt and jeans for a comfort/casual look. 

This is a lovely summer dress top and cost me £1 and will look great with jeans. 

This is from Monsoon orginail so totally would not be able buy this normally but in the charity shop this cost me £2.50 and would look lovely with my long blue cardgain that I already spoke about. 

This is dress is a beach dress but I plan to wear it as an everyday dress by wearing a slip under it. I think it will look lovely as an everyday dress especially in the summer and it only cost me £2.45. 

This beautiful yellow skirt cost me £3 and it's totally a colour for this season. The only down side is it's a little bit to big for me so my mummy is going to take it in for me which I love her for. 

I love this skirt and its totally going to be my favourite skirt for the summer and this only cost me £2. 
I love the mustard and purple print and with go with so much. 

This short sleeve cardigan cost me only £1.50 and I thought was be brilliant in the summer when it is very hot but I don't want to get my shoulders burn as my shoulders do burn easy. 

I brought this beach cover up mainly for my holiday in August and I didn't want to spend a fortune on a beach cover up as I will only wear it when I go to the beach which on holiday maybe only 3-4 times so not worth buying more pricey. This cost me only £3 which I think is value for money. 

This ASOS dress only cost me £1.50 and it's a beautiful dress to wear all season as its netted and looks brilliant with boots or sandals. 

I love this top and so far this as been my go to top it looks beautiful with Jeggings and the print is a lovely blue flower print which I love, I think this will be the item I wear the most over the summer and it only cost me £2 so I am a very happy bunny. 

This cardigan cost me only £3 and looks lovely with a brilliant white dress.

And finally ...... 

This Topshop jumper which cost me £4.50 which is just under my £5 per item limit that I place on myself but I just fell in love with this jumper so I had to get it, it looks lovely with jeans and jeggings.

There finally we are done and I am sorry again I didn't know I brought so much stuff. 

Have you been shopping in charity shop? How do you find charity shopping? 

See You Soon


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