Tuesday, 22 May 2012

3 Months Till 25

Hello my lovelies. 

Today marks three months till my 25th birthday, I really don't like the idea of getting old but who does really but it is more scary thinking my mummy was 25 when she had me and there is no way I am ready for children. 

But anyway I thought I would tell you all now I am getting on with my '25 Thing Before 25' has I am now half way thought. 

So here goes ...... 

1. Get one person to subscribe to my blog  
I want to say as massive thank you to Nadine from redlippy-ticklesmyfancy as she made this happen

2. Take more photos
In progress

3. Give blood
Hoping to do this in June I have signed up just waiting for place to give blood around my area 

4. Write letters to friends who no longer live near me
In progress

5. Try five new foods 1/5 

6. Read a book a month 2/6
Gok Wan Autobiography and Katie Price Beautiful both books I would suggest reading but I need to read more to make this work. 

7. Print of the photos from my memory cards and place them into albums
I am not going to lie but I haven't even started this yet :(

8. Try some home beauty treatments (I will share with you how they go)
I have downloaded an app called Beauty Tips and I am looking thought to find the best ones to shared with you guys.

9. Save up to move out with boyfriend
This was going okay till this month when I lose my job so this is now on the back burner till I find something new

10.Watch 10 films I haven't watch before 5/10
 Iron Man, The Fast And The Furious - Tokyo Drift, Iron Man 2, Avengers Assemble, Tron Legacy

11. Go to at least three different places around the UK 4/3 
London, Nottingham, Bradford, Godstone

12. Lose 12lbs
In progress

13. Place £5 or more a week into my saving account 
I started this on 25/02/12 and it was going well till I lost my job so this to as gone on the back burner till I find a new job 

14. Use up at least seven beauty products I already own 5/7 
Soap And Glory Calm On Calm All, Soap And Glory Glad Hair Day, Soap And Glory Clean On Me, Alberto Balsam Juicy Apple Shampoo, No7 Make Up Wipes

15. Get more creative (Nail art, Cupcakes, Blogging etc)
 So far I have done shortbread for a friends birthday and made some cupcakes hopefully I will do more now.

16. Go on holiday with my boyfriend
We are going away for a week at the beginning of August with my cousin and her parter 

17. Go to the zoo 
Hopefully for my birthday treat fingers cross

18. Make a birthday cake for my mummy's 50th Birthday 
Her birthday is not till July, so will keep you updated 

19. Get a new job 
This is more then important now so this is on the top of my list of things to do

20. Take my theory driving test
Can't do due to the current situation 

21. Buy a video camera and then maybe start on youtube
Same as above but may still carry on starting youtube by filming on my webcam not good I know but it may be a place to start while I am getting myself sorted. 

22. Have date night once a month with my boyfriend (Cinema, Dinner out etc)
Started this on the 24/02/12 and has been going well as we take it in turn to pay so now it may have to be every other month or I need to find things to do that are cheap or ever better free. 

23. Go and see my best friends who don't live near me
Went to see my wonderful friend Vicky who lives in Nottingham over the Easter weekend which was fun. 

24. Once a month at least do something with friends (Film Nights, Dinner, Cinema etc) 
Started this on the 08/03/12 and so far we have done film nights, cinema, dinner if you can call going to KFC dinner and birthday parties. 

25. Reach 25 
Will happen in August.

My friend Ed and me on my birthday last year

Hopefully I will manager to complete this all as I will be very happy indeed, so fingers cross everyone. 

Have you ever done something like this for your birthday? If so did you manager to do it all?

See You Soon 



  1. Sorry to hear about your job hun :( But this is a great idea and I am going to try it for my 24th birthday next year!!


    1. How I would love to be only 23 again :) I would suggest doing it has it helps you do the things you want to do in life. I maybe also do a count down to my birthday where I try to get 25 subscribers, a subscriber a day but I don't know if I will be able to do it. xx