Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hello Lovely Readers today I want to inform you of something that I think is just amazing.

 Saturday 12th May 2012 my boyfriend's mummy Sally and her friend Diana walked from London 2 Brighton for the charity Breakthough Breast Cancer. The walk itself was 100k walk which equals to 60 miles. 

 Diana and Sally

They started at 08.15 Saturday morning and finished 07.45 Sunday morning so they finish the walk in 23 and half hours, which I think is just brilliant, especially as they had to walk thought the night, thought fields that were wet logged and completely muddy and especially as Diana hurt her hip quiet badly with 15k of the walk left but they never give up. I am so proud of them both and I wanted to tell you all. 

I would not ask normally but if you wish to donate to Sally then you can by clicking here and it is for a good cause that as effected most of us in our lives. 

See You Soon 


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