Friday, 11 May 2012

Popping My Essie Cherry

Hello everyone. 

Last weekend I finally popped my Essie nail polish cherry but I did not buy them from Boots or Superdrug, which most people in the UK have seemed to do over the last few weeks since both shops started to sell them, both in store and online. 

So you may be wondering where I got them from then. I brought the polish's from TKMax somewhere I totally did not think about buying nail polishes from but somewhere I will totally go back to and these only cost me £9.99 for the three of them. 

I can't believe it took me so long to pop my Essie cherry has so far I have found these polishes to be brilliant. 

These are the colours I got.
Left to right: Unknown but I think its Berry Hard(487) Shop Till I Drop(472) and Unknown

These are brilliant colours and ones that I will wear most of the time. The pale white polish far right as light pink shimmers and is nice to place over other polishes as it makes the polish its over lighter and  shimmer when it catches the light. 

Berry Hard (487) 
The middle colour is Berry Hard 

Beautiful deep red which will look fantastic in the Autumn and Winter. 

Shop Till I Drop (472) 

Lovely pink colour thats will be brilliant in the hotter weather when the UK finally get some.

They take two coats to be opaque and they dry quickly which is brilliant when you are rushing around.
I am definitely going to have a look at the ones that Superdrug's and Boots have available once I find a store that stocks them. I am liking the look of Mint Candy Apple at the moment like most beauty bloggers has it is a lovely mint green colour which is big this season. 

The only down side I found with these polishes were that only one of the polishes had the name of what they were, which means I had to look online to try and find the others, that was hard as online some of the colours look the same as each other. 

Have you brought any Essie polishes? What is your favourite colour from Essie?

See You Soon 



  1. Beautiful colours hun! Have to say I love Essie's colour, names, and packaging.. but their actual formula is not my favourite. I love OPI a little better.

    xo :)

    1. I have never tried OPI but so want to, as I have heard loads of good things about them. xx

  2. Shop till I drop is much lighter than the one you have ;-) I have the same one and I'm actually trying to figure out what the name is too ;-)

    1. Oh thank you for telling me when you find out could you let me know as well please I will be very grateful indeed. x