Thursday, 1 March 2012

Monthly Tip - Number 1 March 2012

On this blog I hope to do a regular tip or a top five post every month, I am hoping by doing these they will hopefully help you with any beauty/fashion problem you may have. 

This month is a tip and it's regarding applying your nail polishes neatly. I will state before I completely forget that I did find this tip in More Magazine but I thought it was a tip worth sharing with you all. 

Do you have trouble applying nail polish especially to the hand you write with? If you have answered no then you are good but if you are like me and answer is yes then keep reading.

To help with this issue apply Vaseline around the edges of the nail with a cotton bud and then apply the nail polish like you would normally. The smudges you make will just wipe of as the Vaseline you have applied around the edge of the nail will stop the nail polish drying on the skin, so see goodbye to dodgy looking nails and help to gorgeous painted nails.

The End Result 

I hope this helps you all has much as it has me. 

See You Soon 



  1. Thats such a good tip! Will deff be giving it ago :)

  2. Glad you like the tip. Will have to tell me how it goes x