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February Favourites 2012

First I would like to say sorry this as taken me so long as I have planned to do monthly favourites during the first week of the month. But if you live in the South East of England like me you will know the weather has been horrible this week, raining most of the time which is always a downer but also means that you cannot use natural light to take photos :(.

I still can't believe we are in March let allow nearly half way thought the month. This year so far seems to be going so fast which is unbelievable. Anyway back to February Favourties in this months favourites I have two make up products and three bath and hair products. 

February Favourites
Left to Right 
Top: - Soap And Glory - Calm On Calm All Bubble Bath, Soap And Glory - Clean On Me  and Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation
Bottom: - MUA Eyeliners and Tangle Teezer Brush. 

Soap And Glory - Calm On Calm All
Bubble Bath
(On The Right) 
Retails from £5.50 at Boots stores

I got this product in the big Soap And Glory Case that was available over the Christmas period and I love the fact I got this as I am not sure if I would had brought this but now I would totally buy this again  as I enjoyed this in my baths. 
This product smells lovely and makes loads of bubbles with the smallest amount which is always good if you are watching the pennies. I have had this since Christmas but I have only finish the bottle yesterday.
 The product has the added bonus of having body lotion included in the product. So while you are relaxing in the bath your body is getting smooth. 

Soap And Glory - Clean On Me
Shower Gel
(On The Left)
Retails from £5.50 for 500 ml and £2.50 for 75 ml at Boots stores 

This product also came in the big Soap And Glory Case as well which I loved as I always wanted to try this product and I am glad that I finally did as this as totally became my favourite shower gel. It comes in a clear bottle with a pump lid which makes showering so much easier. I would suggest using this with a sponge has this will help the product to lather up. You need about 3 to 4 pumps of the product to get a good lather, this may seem a lot but I promise you that's not the case and the product will last for a long time. 
I have used this every day when showering since Christmas and I have still about a quarter left in the bottle so the bottle does last a long time. 
The shower gel has the same added bonus has the bubble bath which is good if you don't have the time to moisture your body. 

Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation

Retails from around £8-9 from most cosmetics counters
30 ml product 

I tried this product initially because it was on a special offer of £5 in my local Morrison and I am so glad I did as I really like this foundation. 
Has the name suggest this foundation is meant to reawaken the skin so you healthy glow and I feel that this product has done this with my skin. It's so light on my skin I forget that I have any foundation on even know it gives me a medium coverage and I love the fact this foundation stays on most of the day. 
This foundation comes with the added bonus of SPF 15 and this is the first foundation I have tried with SPF in the foundation but totally will not be the last has I like knowing that I have something on my face help against the sun all the time. 
The only down sides I have found with this product is the colour I decided upon in store which is 103 True Ivory as I feel it doesn't truly match me in this dull winter weather that we been having lately, so I am thinking about going a shade lighter and keeping this one for the summer and the fact that the foundation only comes in six shades and these are all light shades as well. Shades Available
But I do enjoy the foundation over all. 

MUA Eyeliners 

Retails for £1 at Superdrugs 

These liners come in arrange of different colour's. I only own three at the moment but at £1 a time I will most likely be getting more. The colours I have are black (Jet Black), White (Snow White) and Brown (Rich Brown). I used to wear eyeliner when I use younger and then totally stop wearing it for some unknown reason but in the last few months I want to get back into wearing eyeliner and what a better way then buying some eyeliners that will not break the bank if you don't like them. 
I got the white eyeliner to put in the corner of my eye to open my eyes out but I would say go light handed when doing this so it's difficult to tell that you have done it. 
I brought the brown eyeliner mainly to go on my waterline as black will make my eyes look even smaller then they already are but I also use this eyeliner to make a brown smokey eye. The black was brought to do a smokey eye with, but out of the two colours I use to make a smokey eye I go more towards the brown then the black just because it doesn't make my eye look so small. 
You do have to reapply these during the day especially on the waterline and in the corner of the eye as these are not waterproof and do come of during the day but you can't moan when the product only cost you a £1. If you haven't try eyeliners before I would say go and try MUA's. 


Tangle Teezer 

Retails for £10.99 in Boots
But you can get it cheaper online Cheapest I Found Online

This is the best brush I have found so far to get out tangles and knots in hair of all kinds. Its small that it fits into the palm of your hand which helps you get the tangles and knots out easier. This comes in several colours like green and pink. 
The bristles come in arrange of different lengths which helps the brush to comb thought the hair with easy. 
I normally use this mainly with detangle conditioner after I have had a shower but it also good for every day use especially with this lovely windy weather we been having with late. 

See you next month with March favourites.


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