Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Top Five Inspirational Females (Famous)

Today I was going to do my February favourites but the weather has other ideas has its totally pouring down here, which means I can't show the items that have reached my monthly favourites in the right light. 

But has I am in the blogging mood I have decided to do a post showing my top five famous females who are inspiration to me in one way or another. This may be because the journey they have been on or their fashion style. 

All pictures on this post have been found on google.

1) Kate Middleton - HRH The Duchess of Cambridge 

The reason I find the duchess an inspiration is because she the typically girl next door who has found her prince charming and I believe that is what every girl wants in her life. I also love her fashion style it's a down to earth a style that everyone can follow with easy. 

2) Katie Piper - Presenter 

I love this women, she is an inspiration not just to me but to everyone. She been on a journey that most of us would have give up on but she hasn't which is lovely to see and also she is not bitter towards anyone has a result.  
I been reading her autobiography lately and I would suggest to everyone to read this, its brilliant and shows how some peoples life can be difficult and how people over come these problems. 

3) Jessica Alba - Actress 

Jessica an inspiration to me is because she is a natural beauty and she doesn't have to try hard to be beautiful and she seems like you're typically girl next door as well. I love her style as well as it's a causal but fashionable style.
 But Jessica as had to fight her own battles as well like illnesses when she was a young child but these doesn't seem to bother her which is always good to see. 

4) Kimberley Walsh - Singer 

Kimberley is a part of the girl band Girls Aloud and she is my favourite member of the band as I feel she is the member that most people will look up to, has she is a female whose in the public eye  who loves her body.
It's lovely to see this especially has in today environment most people have hang ups about their bodies so I think she is an inspiration to woman. 

AND FINALLY ..........

5) Gok Wan - Presenter/Fashion Stylist 

Okay before you all say Gok is not a female, I know but I have added him because 'Auntie Gok' has he likes to be known has done loads for us who don't like our bodies. 
He has shown us to love our body no matter what as we are wonderful and he has done this is by showing us what clothes to wear to suit our body shape.
But Gok as had his own battles has well with his body and sexuality and his autobiography, that's amazing and tells you about his battles and how he had cope with these battles.

Who are you inspirational females? 

See you soon


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