Sunday, 11 March 2012

Up And Coming Posts

Today I am at my boyfriends house so unable to blog like I normally would as everything I would photograph is back at my house, what a donut I am. But with the weather being so wonderful here I still wanted to blog so what better way of doing so then to tell you all what blog post you have to look forward to thought the rest of March.

1) My First Ever Beauty Box Review 
Yesterday I finally subscribed to the famous Glossy box service, this will be my first ever beauty box I would have received and I can't wait to see what I get, its like Christmas all over again which is a weird concept given the beautiful weather we are having down in the South-east of England. 

2) Charity Shop Haul 
Lately I had lack of funds due to one reason of another but me being me this doesn't stop me shopping. I love charity shops for many reasons such as you find pieces that may not have thought about and I can truly say this has been the case with me lately and also the things you do find and like will not cost the earth.

3) Haul  
I know you all are most likely saying at I am already doing one haul as well but I believe that the things I have found in the charity shops are worthy of there only haul. I also know you are saying that I don't have the funds to go shopping but like I said that doesn't stop me okay some of this stuff was brought for me by ever my boyfriend or my mummy. 

4) Monthly Tip 
Well this will be at the beginning of April but I will most likely write it at the end of March to go up on the first day of April. I have a few tips waiting to have there moment on here but if you have a tip that you believe everyone should know please tell me. 

5) Magazine Freebie's 
Even know I am on a magazine buying band over lent this does not stop others buying magazines for me. This month there is several that I enjoy reading that has a freebie included why do this to me over lent, I know they want me to crack and buy them but I am staying strong so far only under a month left so we will see. 

"What I Maybe Do On Here"

1) My Dream Wish List
This will be a list that if money was no problem what I would love to have and will show fashion, beauty, life and all. 

2) Monthly Wish List
These would be the things I have fell in love with over the monthly some will be things I can afford and most likely go and buy but some maybe cost the earth and there is no way to buy it. But a girl can dream not. 

3) My Favourite ......
Will included Nail Polish, Lipstick, Eye Shadow etc. Some of these will be old favourites and some will be new favourites.  

A picture of me and my boyfriend 
December 2011 

Hope you are all having a wonderful day what even you are doing.

See You Soon 


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