Friday, 1 June 2012

From Canada With Love

Hello, yesterday I receive a lovely package from the wonderful Kathryn from provincialbudgetbeauty I would say to you all go and check her out as she is wonderful and her blog is totally one of my favourites to read. 

I have had my eye on E.L.F's brushes for a while but the problem is I like to touch and feel the brushes before I buy them, but the problem is E.L.F brushes are normally only available online. But while talking Kathryn one day I found out that a store in Canada where selling them, just my luck really. I told her that I wish the UK had something like that so I could feel the brushes and finally buy them. 

Later on that day I receive an email from Kathryn saying that she was going to send me some E.L.F brushes I was so shock by how kind she was being and I love her for her kindness. 

And this is what I receive from her. 

2 eye brushes and a face brush 

The brushes are soft which I love and if I get on with these ones then I will be totally buying some more so thank you again Kathryn for sending these to me you are the best. 

Have any of you tried E.L.F brushes? If so what ones do think I should get next?

See You Soon 



  1. I'm glad you liked them hun! And that they made it there in one piece :)


    1. Thank you again lovely, you sure you don't want anything from the UK xx